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Can I just say, I love this machine? I can? Great! I love this machine. The way it channels intent is incredible! I want to build a replica, I think. Glass, crystal, some metals. Amber, too. Should do nicely.

Ah. Introduction. I forget myself sometimes, never mind. Hmmm. Who am I?

No, really. Who am I? *grin*

Name's Finn. Finn Winters, though most people call me Finn Finicky, Finicky, or just Finn. I'm an alchemist, as you might have guessed. Full alchemical-range affinity, skill levels through the roof ... and about enough actual magical power to keep my cup of tea hot. *sigh* I really wish I had a mage-class power level. I can observe all these fabulous forces and materials, know them inside out, and I can't do a thing with them unless I channel my intent through focuses or fixings. It's depressing, and the fact that Jeanette keeps rubbing my face in it only makes it more so.

Aside from that ... well, I'm primarily the Second Librarian at the Alchemical Library, mostly because my Simulacra records are second to none. I'm also a craftsman and artisan of some renown, at least in Shirkan City, mostly for my glasswork. And finally, on a trial basis, I'm a member of a prototype forensic alchemy team attached through the Alchemist's Guild to the city's police force. Which basically means me and a friend, John Whistler, examine crime scenes and get taunted a lot by the primarily mage-based police grunts. Who are mostly idiots, by the way. Oh, and recently we had one permanently assigned to the team, kind of a babysitter. That's Jeanette, the bane of my life. Sound mage, and mostly good at her job, though you can never, ever tell her I said so. I really mean it.

Um. That's about it, really. Well, all that I can think of at the moment, anyway.

Pleased to meet you all!


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